So you have got your beautiful new website. Now it's time to get it seen. Using up to date SEO techniques, we will ensure your site stands out amongst the crowd. We work hard in the background to keep Google and other search engines happy.


Why Is SEO Important?

In short it will get your website seen in relevant web searches.

Tailoring your website to have the highest SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking for a keyword search will include several factors.

We always perform good basic SEO practices on all of our websites as standard ensuring you have the best chance of being found.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation often referred to as SEO is the practice of making your website compliant, visible and even preferred by search engines.

Other considerations include accessibility, an example of which might be a visually impaired person who uses a screen reader to vocalise the content on your website.

SEO can be an extremely complex and involved practice and the ever changing dos and don'ts are both extensive and at times a touch pernickety.

What we do at Lanx World is concentrate on up to date core practices that are a top priority. We will list these later if you care to read that far : )

What SEO Do We Perform?

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